By David Sable|Sep 5 2022

A People-first Strategy Imperative

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Some think that Advertising creative is solely developed by Muse. Ex-Nihilo - the idea hits you … your fingers start tapping … and voila


By Amir Guy|Jul 5 2022

“Kill Your Darlings” - Why we made it

The day after AdAge recognized “Kill your Darlings” as one of its Top 5 Creative Campaigns of the month of July, I thought I’d explain our thinking behind the documentary’s production: what made us do it, and why? Quite simply we wanted to examine the industry through the eyes of a young, hopeful creative, at a pivotal moment in her career and take viewers on her journey as she speaks with some of the most successful people in advertising.

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By Molly Innes |Jun 6 2022

TikTok’s James Rothwell: “Now Is a Golden Era to Seek and Nurture Creatives”

James tells LBB that TikTok’s ambition is to become the most ‘relatable brand on the internet’.’ We’ve seen the relatability factor of social media continue to rise, with a new generation of influencers who have turned away from the highlight reel, and instead are getting gritty with their audiences. It’s poignant then, that TikTok shares the same sentiment for its brand, and as James adds: “To achieve that, we need to move at the speed of culture.”


By Molly Innes |May 24 2022

Karin Onsager-Birch on In-housing, and Where Agencies Go Wrong in Supporting Creatives

Investing in talent also requires investigating talent. Karin tells LBB how she is ‘curious’ about the talent on her team at Lyft, ‘especially junior talent.’ She says: “I investigate their superpowers, and lean into them. Instead of just hoping they’ll grow into well-rounded creatives, I focus on giving them projects and opportunities that build on their strengths and give them room to grow.”