We are idea brokers

togetherr is here to make it personal. Our Creative Genome™ AI connects the most creative minds directly with the very best in business. No committees, no fat, just world-class ideas and execution.

Our mission is simple

We want to change the way brands and creatives collaborate. We want to find you the very best people for the job, wherever they are. To erase complexities, tear down the silos, and connect you directly to pre-vetted creatives.

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Our vision is clear

We aim to unlock creativity as the ultimate economic multiplier by allowing businesses direct access to some of the world’s best problem-solvers.

Our values


Excellence is contagious. togetherr curates only the very best, most skilled and motivated talent in the world and seeks out innovative brands ready to invest in the caliber of work our platform is capable of producing.


There’s nothing worse for creativity than a bunch of like-minded people in a room. And the algorithm keeps it real: there is no unconscious bias: togetherr finds the best talent for the job: it really is that simple. But we also know it’s hard to get a leg-up in this industry (and that not every talent has been lucky enough to be entered into expensive awards shows), which is why we encourage referrals and applications. Creativity is at its core, inclusive. So is togetherr.


Yesterday is lame. togetherr emphasizes a new way of working: without silos, without bureaucracy, but with relentless curiosity and a passion for cutting-edge creativity. We aim to change the way creative work is produced, project by project and for our community to produce work that they are proud of. Creativity will always be an economic multiplier and an unfair business advantage. togetherr just makes it easier to access.


From oppressive structures, from multiple sign-offs, from constrictive P&Ls, from stagnant cultures, from short-sightedness, from outdated AOR models….we could go on. We know the best work is produced from people who feel inspired, empowered and liberated. togetherr offers marketers and creatives a new way of working, which, frankly, we think is better for everyone - and definitely more fun.

Our councils and team

togetherr was built for the ad industry by the ad industry.

image of Per Pedersen

Per Pedersen

Founder, By the Network
Chairman, togetherr creative council

image of David Sable

David Sable

Co-founder & Partner, DoAble
Chairman, togetherr CMO Advisory Board

image of Eva Santos Bouzas

Eva Santos Bouzas

Co-founder & CCO, Delirio & Twain Barcelona
togetherr creative council

image of Perry Fair

Perry Fair

EVP, Global ECD & Global Director of Entertainment, McCann
togetherr creative council

image of Nellie Kim

Nellie Kim

Partner & Executive Creative Director, Lg2 Toronto
togetherr creative council

image of Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Williams

VP Marketing, togetherr

image of Mark Tutssel

Mark Tutssel

togetherr creative council

image of Greg Hahn

Greg Hahn

Co-founder & CCO, Mischief NY
togetherr creative council

image of Tamar Reshef

Tamar Reshef

COO, togetherr

image of Jeremy Craigen

Jeremy Craigen

Director, The Craigen Partnership London
togetherr creative council

image of Amir Guy

Amir Guy

Co-founder & CEO, togetherr

image of Ted Lim

Ted Lim

DIFF Creative Consultants, ASIA
togetherr creative council

image of Amy Fuller

Amy Fuller

CMO Advisory Board, togetherr

image of Maryam Banikarim

Maryam Banikarim

Founder NYCNext
CMO Advisory Board, togetherr

image of Craig Brommers

Craig Brommers

CMO, American Eagle Outfitters INC.
CMO Advisory Board, togetherr

image of Karin Onsager-Birch

Karin Onsager-Birch

VP of Creative, Lyft
togetherr creative council

image of Kwame Taylor-Hayford

Kwame Taylor-Hayford

Co-founder at Kin,
togetherr creative council

image of Shelley Diamond

Shelley Diamond

CMO Advisory Board, togetherr