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8 reasons to choose togetherr (it’s a game changer)

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The top 1% of independent creative talent

Currently, more than 2,000 people are registered and vetted on togetherr. We don’t accept everyone who registers as we vet all talent, according to certain criteria (awards, endorsement, experience, projects). All of them have produced work for the most admired and valuable brands in the world.

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Teams at the speed of AI

togetherr is, first and foremost, a technology platform with a clever algorithm, which enables brands and agencies speedy access to global creative teams. It really is that simple. We match a project’s requirements to (three) world-class creative teams. Then it’s over to you to select and choose who you want to work with.

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One point of contact

One, pure source of truth can be the deal-breaker on any project. We know this. We have cherry picked experienced team “leads” who have led many big brand projects, who will act as point of contact. But if you’d rather have someone at your end dedicated to this task, that’s good with us too.

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Fairly priced

Projects are priced based on the individual day rates for each person who works on your project (they specify), plus the 15% transaction fee. We also charge for a dedicated account director - on together’s payroll - who works for you for the duration of the project.

Easy end to end pricing

Easy end-to-end project management

The quote you will be given will be broken into project “phases” that are clearly defined - and invoicing is based on each phase of the project. On the platform, you’ll also have visibility of a lovely project dashboard, where you can get clarity on progress, budget and team member tasks, as well as all the legal and important aspects.

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Loved by procurement

Whilst it isn’t an exact science, we estimate that a project completed on togetherr will cost you up to 50-60% less than a typical “agency” (or if you were to go through other traditional channels). Top-quality creative work at equitable prices is our game.

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All the right skills

Modern businesses require a swiss-army knife of creative skills. Our talent can handle a complex range of challenges (and the realm of new opportunities out there too). We have metaverse experts, content creators, razor-sharp strategists, filmmakers, UX wizards and much much more.

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Designed by your peers

Our brilliant strategic advisors on the creative and design councils have helped us create togetherr. They understand your needs, what annoys you and what will make the difference.

Our design partners

image of Craig Brommers, CMO at American Eagle Outfitters INC.
Modern marketing demands modern solutions. As creative project volume and variation continue to increase, finding the right talent for the right project at the right time is an increasing opportunity. What if you could confidently and efficiently access these global resources through a trusted online portal? I trust we can build this solution.

Craig Brommers, CMO at American Eagle Outfitters INC.

image of Julie Roehm, CXO & CMO, Party City
There is such a range of projects in marketing today, and finding people of the right stature and experience to take them on is hard. You know they’re out there somewhere, but finding them, knowing their availability, blending them into a team, organizing them… it can feel like an insurmountable challenge. It’s time we leverage technology to provide for market agility and make it easy to get great people and get the best out of them. Seeing what Fiverr is building makes me believe it’s going to change the way the industry works.

Julie Roehm, CXO & CMO, Party City

image of Shelley Diamond, CMO, UNICEF USA
togetherr addresses a critical business need we have at UNICEF USA, access to great talent when we have unanticipated needs. The ability to to respond to market conditions with great, timely content is essential to achieving impact during humanitarian emergencies or when a surge of activity requires smart, strategic, creative solutions.

Shelley Diamond, CMO, UNICEF USA

Outstanding creatives, curated and vetted.

Together is here to make it personal. Our AI connects the most creative minds directly with the very best in business. No committees, no fat, just world-class ideas and execution.

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