Rethink how brands and creatives work

Our AI platform will seek out the best curated talent and match up their skills, brand expertise and availability – with what you need for your project.

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You give us a problem.
We crush it with creativity.

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Tell us everything about the problem you’re trying to solve. And we mean everything. Purpose, format, industry, client, audience, preferences, budget, timeline, hopes, dreams. Everything. This takes a few minutes, but much less time than the alternatives.

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Let the Genome work its magic

Sit back and let our algorithm do its thing. It will trawl through our top creatives’ profiles, using data to curate at least three teams of superhumans perfect for the job.

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Pick your team

Refine, explore and make your choice based on what our Creative Genome™ has found for you using the talent builder. Add more brains to your team if you need it, or keep it as is.

Review and approve each role and talent, then make your final selection based on what’s right for you, and your project.

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You're off to the races!

This is the fun part. See what happens when the best of the best come together for your brand. Be a part of the whole process from idea to execution, or don’t get involved at all. It’s all up to you. Watch the project come to life via the dashboard.
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Why do the world's best talent work with us?

Creative Genome™

Our Creative Genome™ is powered by one of the world’s most advanced AIs. For each assignment, it will find three possible teams of world-class creative talent based on their skills, brand expertise, and availability. Why three? We want you to feel comfortable that you’re making the best decision and have seen the best talent we have.

Team Builder

Once the Creative Genome™ has curated three possible teams, you can use the Team Builder to add or subtract people from your crew, see rates, and assemble your global team of cultural problem crushers. Let us worry about the fine print, so you can focus on the talent.

Clear Project Management

On the togetherr platform you will find sophisticated dashboards that are as helpful as they are beautiful. Here you can access live updates to your project. Our optional (human) vetted project managers also focus on keeping the project on-time and on-spec. We know they will make all the difference: we’ve seen it!

Elite creatives, vetted and validated

The best creative talent is hard to come by. And togetherr invites only the most creative creatives and talented of talent to join our platform.

Candidates are pre-selected by peers, then vetted by the togetherr team to create a community of the best and brightest to work on our brand projects.

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