A People-first Strategy Imperative

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By David SableSep 5 2022

A People-first Strategy imperative

Some think that Advertising creative is solely developed by Muse.

Ex-Nihilo - the idea hits you … your fingers start tapping … and voila, you have created an award-winning, viral-inducing campaign. And these days, most likely, it’s a video - or should I say – an engaging digital moment?

Others (on a variation of the theme), claim Digital First - or Mobile First - or TikTok First, letting the Muse direct them through the channel and not through the consumer.

Disruption is in order.

Advertising creative begins with an idea - and the idea - begins with people.

People First needs to be your mantra.

Here's how it looks:


Creative Idea

Jets flying across the skies; morphing into monkeys swinging through the trees, dissolving into sharks swimming ashore, and you sharing your drink with a friend. Nope, that’s not an idea - it's an execution. And a specific one at that.

An idea is a thought. It needs to be easy to explain. It must have a point. Thought about a course of action. It is pure…no jets, monkeys, or sharks in the vicinity. You need first to drive for an idea.


The idea is driven by an insight that relates to the target and the product. What pain point are you addressing? What problem are you solving? What issue are you focusing on?

Insight is driven by research…speaking with people and listening carefully. What do they think about the category you are in? How do they use products in said and associated categories? Where do they buy; how much do they spend; how often do they need it, etc.

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You know the general target - but how does it segment? Are there implications? One segment might use it slightly differently; another will buy it differently - it is critical to the channels and execution phases to know these answers.


How will you reach the audience? What channels do they use and how do they use them? What’s your budget?


Creative Execution

Now that you have an idea - now that you know the channels that optimize your outreach, you need a production budget to determine the assets you will create. Video; digital “print”; outdoor, etc. Your pure idea now turns into specific advertising units that will change based on budget, channel, audience segmentation and even time of day or geography.

Creative Brief

NOW and only now, you need a Creative Brief. A simple way to get to the points (above) and provide your Creative Team with inspiring muse worthy material.

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